About Kinston

More than a place to live: it’s a way of life.

Settled in the shade of majestic longleaf pines, nestled along the banks of the mighty Neuse River, is a city called Kinston. It is a home of Southern hospitality, flavored with generous portions of history, activities and mouth-watering cuisine. In Kinston, you will find the true meaning of Southern hospitality.

Kinston has a citywide population of nearly 21,000 residents and more than 60,000 residents countywide. Within its borders of 402 miles, Lenoir County encompasses 12 townships and numerous charming neighborhoods and communities.

Known for its ideal climate and the array of world-class family attractions, Lenoir County has several historical sites including the CSS Neuse Historical Site, the CSS Neuse Civil War Interpretive Center and Harmony Hall. Family activities include the Neuseway Nature Park and Planetarium, Lions Water Center, West Water Park, Pepsi Spray Center, and several local parks located inside Kinston.

Kinston offers many local restaurants and other attractions as well. Enjoy many of the well-known restaurants that include the Chef and the Farmer, the Boiler Room, Sugar Hill Pizzeria, Queen Street Deli, the Peach House, HOW II Asian Bistro, and Sabor Modern Cuisine.

Kinston also offers, for those that enjoy craft beers, Mother Earth Brewery and the Red Room located in downtown Kinston.

Kinston features three golf courses, a variety of exciting participatory and spectator sports including the Kinston Wood Ducks, and the Kinston Drag Strip, which holds more than 40 special events each year. Annual special events and holiday offerings are offered each year and can be found throughout Kinston.